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Chita Aps

For better software and management solutions.


At Chita we aim to deliver high quality work – only the best is good enough.
We offer a range of different areas: From Business analytics to software and web development.


If you have ever thought to your self “should we go into this market” or maybe “ how important is this for us to do right now” or maybe “where should we lay our main focus for this startup or department”. Let Chita help you develop market and static analysis.
Through a range of different tests, both quantitative and qualitative, Chita can give you a great insight into how your users are going to think and use systems or newly developed areas. And this is where business meets IT.


Chita can deliver both front-end and back-end development with a broad range of programming languages. HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Python and JavaScript for web development and for Apples iOS Objective-C and Swift.


If you are looking for a new company only business card, Chita can deliver within a few days!
Let Chita handle the hosting and administration of your webpage and mail system.
For web development we always go “Mobile first” and make sure that you website always look beautiful no matter of screen size and resolution. SEO for both Google and Bing’s search engines are a critical factor when implementing new webpages.

Let Chita handle the project planning

Chita can handle the project planning for the project and you can always follow how far the development is through the online customer portal and further find all relevant documentation if needed.


Building interfaces can be a hard one, you may believe you have the best intuitive interface, but in reality it’s lacking and the users have a hard time to figure out how to use the system regardless if it’s a web or iPad interface! This is why this is a very important point for us – it should be functional but also appealing and beautiful!

It’s important that we understand each other

To make sure that Chita and the customer is on the same page, we always develop mockups of the final interface with as many of the final functionalities as possible, this way we can test add or delete functionalities, before the actual complex programming hits the project.
If you are looking for new photos for you newly developed or email campaign, let Chita handle this. Through many years of photography Chita has the skills to capture the moment and retouching the images is no problem!
Please do contact us if you have any questions or just want talk about how Chita can help you!

Chita Aps Business

Board consultant, Map development areas, Market Analysis, Streamline IT infrastructure, Could services and much much more.

Chita - Casper Schultz Programming

If you are in need for a cheap new onlie business card for your company, Chita can deliver unique pages within just a few days.

Chita Casper Schultz Business analysis

Our company is build upon trust between the customer and us! Therefore we always set realistic deadlines and believe in a see through communication and always agree before build.


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